Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baptisim 3/29/09 Clay M. Bishop, Jr.

The final Baptism of the night was of Clay (Aka Big Clay). How wonderful that father and son would end up being baptized on the same evening. Although Clay had been baptized before he felt the need to do it this way. Clay has said that his faith has helped make him a better Man, Lawyer, Musician, Father and Husband. Pastor Joey Burns went on to say that "We have quite a Unique County Attorney." I think we all agree on that. We Praise God for Clay!

Baptisim 3/29/09 (Clay Bishop, III)

There's been a change in ME!!! Clay, III (AKA Little Clay) was Baptized here at the church on Sunday evening. We have been so blessed to see how quickly Clay is growing in the church. What a transformation we have seen in him. God has something very special for each and everyone of us if we would let God come into ours lives fully. No holds barred. We Praise God for Clay and can't wait to see what's in store for his life with the Lord.

Baptisim 3/29/09 (Kendall)

How exciting it was for us all to see Kendall Baptized at the church. We are so happy that he has turned his life over to the Lord. We pray as each day passes that he grows closer to the Lord. Praise God for Kendall.

Baptisim 3/29/09 (Harry Runion)

Praise God for Harry! Harry was Baptized Sunday Evening while friends and family gathered around. It was such a blessing for all to see when Harry came to the altar a few weeks back. Harry and his wife Peggy have been such a blessing to us all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fire Proof Viewing

We had around 40 people who came out to Lend A Ear last night. Chris R. leads the Lend A Ear Program at our church and last night brought everyone together to enjoy the presentation of the movie Fire Proof which stars Kirk Cameron. It was such an inspiring story of the many trials so many couples are facing today.

A New Stage

Construction started on a raise and extension of the main stage of the sanctuary March 16. So much hard work has went into the new stage. The time alone in which they have managed to do so much is astounding. So many came together and worked as a team on this project. I will share some after shots on here as well soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Will R.

Will delivered an awesome message on Prayer + Faith = Healing on Feb. 25th.