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How a Jewish man came to believe in Jesus

The Holy Spirit

When we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, it's not a memorial of the past. It's a VIBRANT, UP TO DATE, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that is available to every Child of God. So on this day and every day why not open your hearts to the Lord. Jesus is the Baptizer. He has promised to fill us with the Holy Spirit if we will only ask and believe.
 Let us believe together.
By. Mark Williams

Passion For The Gospel

Too many heads of churches have forsaken their calling.. They chase popularity over speaking the truth, the truth has never changed. It's the same today as it was in the past. Too much time and emphasis on being hip and cool and trying to make Jesus palatable rather than bringing it faithfully week after week. Thankfully people are seeing through the mega church rock star mentality and expecting something genuine. We would rather have 20 people who love the Lord with all their hearts than trying to entertain goats.

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