Friday, November 2, 2012

Ian McCormack Testimony

Below is one of the most inspired testimonies I've ever heard. It's rather long so if you can set some time aside to sit and listen you will be blessed. Stung five times on the arm by a box jellyfish while night diving in Mauritius 20 years ago, Ian McCormack knew his life was ending. Inspired to pray, he asked Jesus Christ into his life in what amounted to a death-bed conversion. While his body was cooling in the morgue, the young traveller found himself standing before God who offered him a second chance at life.

Ian McCormack, his wife Jane and eldest two children, Lisa and Michael. All pictures courtesy of Ian McCormack

Looking back now, McCormack says he had no idea at the time how greatly his life would be transformed by a diving accident in Mauritius.

“It changed me; it totally changed me,” he says of his experience. “I don’t live for this world. Now I live for eternity.”