Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Command to ARISE..

There's an army rising up all across the globe to break every chain of the enemy. This army is the ARMY OF GOD and it looks just like the Body of  the RISEN CHRIST. It will include believers from every nation, denomination and from every walk-of-life. This isn't about a church experiencing revival this is about the head of the church, Jesus Christ, whispering with a resounding and reverberating roar, ARISE to those who have ears to hear and hearts ready to obey.

 As the Lord spoke through the prophet Isaiah, He is also speaking to us today, ARISE, SHINE for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Behold darkness will cover the earth, deep darkness will cover the peoples, but the Lord will rise upon you and His Glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising (Isa. 60:1-2).
What an invitation from our Lord. Actually the Hebrew word 'arise' is in the imperative mood which means its a command. The Commander of the Armies of Heaven, Jesus Christ, is not asking you and I to arise, no, He is commanding us, ARISE! Arise means to stand up, stand out, rise up.  YES, there is an army of believers rising up with one mission which is to SHINE.

This is God's hour in our generation to demonstrate His glory through His church. Let me with emphasis reiterate - it is HIS CHURCH that I am speaking of, not man's social religious creation but those with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to THE CHRUCH. The Lord commands His army to ARISE then He commands us to SHINE. What is He saying? The next part of the verse explains, "for your light (Jehovah's light) has come and the Glory (splendor, honor, majesty) of the LORD has risen or SHONE on you." As the moon has no glory, no light, no illumination in and of itself, it (moon) reflects the light or the glory of the sun. As the moon reflects the light of the sun,  God's glorious army is commanded in this hour to do the same - reflect the Glory of the LORD.

Jesus, the risen Christ, has risen upon you. In His death you were buried - so remain dead. In His resurrection, you were RAISED by the glory of the Father that you might walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE - so live here. The GLORY OF THE FATHER raised you up from the pit of sin and dysfunction with the intent that you WALK IN HIS GLORY, REFLECT HIS SPLENDOR, and DEMONSTRATE HIS RESURRECTION POWER. As darkness covers the earth, gross darkness the people, the good news is that His Glory will rise upon you and nations and kings will come to your light and the BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR RISING.

As God's army rises up there will be an explosion of His glory all over the earth. As one can put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand, imagine the impact of the mulitudes that ARISE AND SHINE in this hour. The brightest days are ahead of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today you can choose to say yes to the command of the King and ARISE. You can choose to ARISE from your past, ARISE from your present and embrace the call to arms by your King. Regardless of your present circumstances, ARISE at the word of the Lord. Just as Gideon was in a pit, hiding and barely surviving, the word of the Lord to him was ARISE YOU MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR. In the natural there was nothing mighty about Gideon, but God was not speaking in the natural. God was speaking to the man Gideon was called to be to his generation at his time and place in history. So ARISE and SHINE because there is an army rising up that will break every chain!!

Article Source/Beyond Measure Blog-Ben Pitts

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