Friday, August 22, 2014

Makes No Difference...By Michael Davidson

Makes No Difference...

Wednesday night during worship Rachel sang "Everything's Gonna Turn Out Right" by The Isaacs. The opening line was "Makes no difference what the doctor says. We're talking about a man that opened blinded eyes & even raised the dead." It was a catchy little song. The kind that gets stuck in your head. I woke up Thursday morning singing it and bobbing my head to the beat. Thursday evening those words became more than just a little ditty. They gave me hope to cling to in probably the scariest time of my life in a really long time.

I received a call that my granny was being taken to the ER. I got there and they told me her cardiac enzymes were elevated and it was very likely that she could have a heart attack within the next 24 hours. See, her kidneys have pretty much shut down on her and she hasn't voided on her own in quite some time. The doctor told me that if she were to have a heart attack they could send her to a facility that would have all the necessities to save her from it. However, due to her kidney failure her body wouldn't survive the aggressiveness of the compressions and that she would die during the procedure. At about 10pm Thursday her mind started slipping. She didn't know her name, didn't know anyone around her. She started jerking uncontrollably and convulsing. She became irate and violent. The doctor came by and said she couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight, which if you're any bit familiar with surgeries, you know that means there's one planned the next day. Friday morning at around 4am she had finally went to sleep. She stayed asleep until way in the evening.

She was unresponsive when the doctor's and family would wake her. She would just start screaming and shaking when we would try to talk to her or touch her. She was non verbal. She couldn't talk; only scream and moan. It was clear that she had no brain activity. It's hard when you're praying for a loved one's salvation and that's their state of mind. How can that state accept Jesus Christ as their savior? I'm being told by the doctor that my grandma is 100% going to die on me and she doesn't have a personal relationship with Christ. With this mindset she's never going to get one. How does that even work? Is there any leniency from God in that situation? Is that when the prayers of others kick in and do the work on their behalf? How does salvation work in a situation like that? I don't know. I went to church Friday evening, a couple people including Brad, the associate pastor, were there. We joined hands and had a special prayer for her. When were done Brad looked at me and said "I felt that. Clear thoughts. You're going to visit her and she's going to have clear thoughts. She's going to look at you and tell you that she's accepted Jesus as her savior and she's going to have clear thoughts." About 20 minutes after the prayer circle broke I got a text from my sister who had just showed up to the hospital. Below is a screenshot of what I received from her:
You've came too late to tell me my God isn't in the miracle working business! I went to visit her today and she was raised up in the bed and kicking her feet up and down. She can't walk, you see. She's paralyzed from a series of strokes in the past. She has no feeling in her left side and it's basically dead. I watched her eat her meal with her left hand. Her cardiac enzymes are back to normal. The doctor said "her labs from yesterday and today look as if they belong to two different people. I don't know what happened." Not only is she healed physically; she's healed spiritually and that is most important of all. You know, it makes no difference what the doctor says. We're talking about a man who opened blinded eyes & even raised the dead. 
By: Michael Davidson

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